We all look at improving our health in the new year with new diets and routines plus a refreshed exercise routine but one area which is consistently overlooked is maintaining a healthy work environment especially for people working from home.

A bad work environment can cause long term back and other problems. Having a good chair and seating support cushion can help greatly to prevent such problems and was recently featured in the East Midlands Chamber magazine .


Osteopath Sue Morrison, who practices in East Anglia, says she is seeing increasing musculoskeletal problems stemming from workers sitting for long periods of time on unsuitable kitchen or dining chairs. 

Sue said: “We are dealing with a lot of spinal problems. During lockdown people’s everyday lives were restricted, so they couldn’t go to the gym or a Pilates class and instead they were spending long hours on their laptops.

 “A laptop is not set up as well for them as their office station would be and these cushions are extremely good as they offer support to stop the back sagging.”

Back pain

Employers have due diligence in this regard. The HSE states "Incorrect use of display screen equipment  or poorly designed workstations or work environments can lead to pain in necks, shoulders, backs, arms, wrists and hands as well as fatigue and eye strain. The causes may not always be obvious."

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