Airospring manufactures a lightweight range of breathable pressure relief products, each designed to provide support, increase your comfort and to prevent pressure ulcers.

Below, we take a closer look at what type of pressure relief products there are, as well as why they’re useful and who they’re beneficial for.

Pressure Relief Cushion

A pressure relief cushion is specially designed to distribute your weight effectively to prevent pressure ulcers. This health concern is unfortunately common, but often completely avoidable.

Any part of the body that is under pressure can sustain pressure ulcers — injuries to the skin and underlying tissue caused by prolonged pressure on the impacted area. However, you’ll usually find them on the skin covering bones close to the surface, such as the hips, heels, elbows and base of the spine.

Pressure ulcers can happen to anyone, but they usually affect people who sit in a chair or wheelchair for long periods. Here are three scenarios which demonstrate how using a pressure relief cushion is useful:

For Wheelchairs Users

As wheelchair users have a high risk of developing pressure ulcers, prevention is the best course of action and this can be achieved with the everyday use of a pressure cushion. This practical comfort aid provides superior relief — however, it’s important to choose one of the right size and material. You can learn more about how to do this in our post on How to Choose a Wheelchair Support Cushion.

As Helpful Living Aids

Many people choose to stay at home in older age, which they can successfully manage with the necessary support and helpful living aids. As pressure relief cushions are light, portable and machine washable, they can offer great assistance to this demographic when sitting down around the home.

For Employees Who Drive

For employees who drive every day, such as lorry, taxi and delivery drivers, chauffeurs, public transport drivers and tour guides, an occupational health hazard is developing pressure ulcers. However, a simple cushion on the driver’s seat can keep an employee comfortable all day long.

Back Support Cushion

If you struggle with back pain, our back support cushion has been ergonomically designed to help improve your posture when you’re sitting down for long periods.

Travel Comfortably

Travelling usually involves long periods of sitting down — especially on long-haul flights and road trips. However, a back support cushion, is a great preventive for back pain, especially after many hours cooped up in your seat. Back support cushions are also light and portable enough to fit in your hand luggage.

Support Your Office Chair

If you work full time in an office, that’s approximately seven hours a day at your desk — or 35 hours a week, 140 hours a month, and 1680 hours a year. Sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods is a contributing factor for back pain, but one that can be easily helped using a back support cushion. These usually come with an elastic strap to attach them firmly to your seat.

Relieve Sciatica

Those who struggle with sciatica pain, may experience back pain, as well as stabbing, burning or shooting down one side of the body. While it’s recommended that you keep moving to get rid of sciatica fast, it’s also important to rest correctly too. A back support cushion is especially useful to help you to sit and relax comfortably.

Mattress Topper

Lying in the same position for a long time can also put you at risk of developing pressure ulcers, so it’s important to consider the practical comfort of anyone with limited mobility or who confined to a bed.

Why use a mattress topper? This is a beneficial aid as it helps to distribute pressure effectively and provides comfort all day long.

Help Back Pain

If your mattress has seen better days, this is likely to be a contributing factor towards any back pain you may be experiencing. For example, if your mattress is too firm, muscles have to work harder to get comfortable, which can strain your tendons and lead to pain.

Therefore, when choosing a mattress, it must offer the correct support for your spine to help or even cure back pain. You should also consider using a mattress topper, which you stack on top of your mattress to change how it feels — as well as how it supports your neck and back. A mattress topper provides excellent pressure relief and effectively distributes your weight to avert morning stiffness, soreness and aches. Read our blog post on What Does a Mattress Topper Do? Everything You Need to Know for more information.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is essential to looking and feeling our best, so it’s essential to eliminate any factors that may be affecting this. A comfortable bed can greatly help with this, but if your mattress is fairly new and it’s still giving you aches and pain, consider using a mattress topper instead. Our Microclimat TM Pressure Relief Mattress Topper will ensure you sleep soundly and wake up feeling happy and refreshed.

Airospring has designed a unique range of pressure relief products which provide greater comfort. View our products today.