Toppers for Student and Boarder's Beds

As we all know, university halls and boarding schools are notorious for having uncomfortable and unclean mattresses. It’s as unappealing as it sounds. A simple solution to avoid restless nights is the PoppaToppaTM. With many proven mental and physical health benefits, the PoppaToppaTM is the perfect investment for your time at university. The topper improves the quality of your sleep by providing comfort, support and airflow to maintain a consistent temperature. Additionally, the PoppaToppaTM is hygienic and can be washed easily in a large washing machine.

We all know that being at the right temperature helps you fall asleep and get a better night’s sleep. Most foam toppers retain excess body heat, and your body will start to sweat to cool yourself down - making falling asleep and staying asleep more difficult. We re-imagined our Airospring Medical technology and created Airospring™- the next generation of sleep innovations.


Hypoallergenic - and no bed bugs!

Superior comfort for a better night's sleep

Sizes of PoppaToppa TM to fit both single and double beds.

Keep you comfortable and cool.