The Lumbar Support Pillow: A Cushion of Optimum Comfort Putting an End to Back Pain

In these days of working from home, the chances are you spend hours of the day glued to a chair. You might find yourself stretching and exercising different parts of your body as aches and pains grow from a continuous routine of sitting in an office chair, typing away at a computer.

There are a few solutions to this prevalent problem and it all starts with maintaining a good posture. Of course there are excessive measures that can be taken, like completely replacing your office chair or booking an appointment with a physiotherapist. However, we recommend a quick and immediate remedy in the shape of the Lumbar Support Pillow — a back support cushion to put an end to back pain.

But what is a Lumbar Support Pillow and how do I use this Lumbar Support Pillow? Below you will discover exactly why a lumbar support pillow is good for your back and how to use one. 

Lumbar support pillow

What is a Lumbar Support Pillow?

A Lumbar Support Pillow is a light and portable pillow made of memory foam. It is ergonomically designed to provide maximum support of the spine, relieving pressure and helping to improve a user’s posture or solve musculoskeletal conditions. Using pressure mapping and a breathable memory foam the Lumbar Support Pillow provides an effective distribution of weight while adapting to the natural curvature of your back. 

The materials used in a Lumbar Support Pillow are highly breathable yet hygienic, allowing for ample airflow but prioritising comfort. This airflow means that a microclimate prospers inside the cushion and promotes the dissipation of heat and perspiration With most Lumbar Support Pillows nowadays an elastic, adjustable strap allows you to attach it to your seat, thereby improving your posture wherever you may be.

Given how much use chairs and desks receive, they are known to become prone to germs and bacteria. Lumbar Support Pillows are non-allergenic, contaminant and odour resistant but also come with a soft velvet cover that is machine washable so you can give it a clean whenever it is needed.

as45 lumbar support cushion

When is a Lumbar Support Pillow Needed?

If you spend several hours of a day in the same seated position you could be doing unnecessary but serious harm to your posture and consequently your spine. Whether you are an office worker, lorry driver, wheelchair user or simply somebody who has a bad back, back support cushions like the Lumbar Support Pillow are an immediate and effective remedy.  

They are designed to improve your posture but primarily are designed to keep your seated position as comfortable as possible. A Lumbar Support Pillow is effective whenever seated, before, during, and after you feel any ache or pain in your back, so there is never a time that they are not a useful accessory.

How to use a Lumbar Support Pillow

Once you have a Lumbar Support Pillow, you might wonder what you’re actually supposed to do with the product to make sure it is having it’s full effect. Having gone through so much testing it is important that you use it correctly to properly improve your posture.

When seated in a chair, a Lumbar Support Pillow should be placed vertically across the back of the chair so that it is flush against the lower part of the back. It should keep your ears, shoulders and hips in alignment so that the natural curvature of your spine is maintained. Do not necessarily put it immediately to wear you have your back pain. Place it below the curve of your back so that it supports your spine and keeps your posture straight.


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