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Airospring Testimonials

Airospring - we are looking for testimonials and feedback on our products to continuously improve the quality of the product that we are offering. Please let us know what you like and don't like about the cushions.




Below is a selection of some of the testimonials we have received. We have sold over 5000 cushions to satisfied customers. 

Comments on AS100

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 August 2021

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Comments on AS 200 

Customer April 16

I am a wheelchair user 24/7, i've bought several cheapish so called pressure cushions that haven't been that comfortable to sit on all day and have moulded, flattened and not lasted.

I have sat on this little number 24/7 for about 2 months now, it's just as comfortable to sit on as the day i received it, it is really comfortable, it's flexible, has a washable cover and best of all you don't get a sweaty bum.

I have no hesitation in recommending it, certainly the best one i've had so far without having to pay the earth, and i would purchase another so i can wash the cover of this one.

Customer December 16

Cushion arrived on time and well packaged.

This cushion is well made and offers the perfect level of support. It is also very lightweight which means I can carry it about easily. Very pleased with it so far!

I haven’t washed the cover yet but don’t see there would be any problems doing so and it’s really easy to remove and put back on. If you need a cushion this one is definitely worth trying.

Customer Jan 15

My District Nurse advised me to get a pressure cushion. When I got this all I can say it's wonderful!!!

Comments on AS100

Customer 23rd September 2017

"I've now bought this product 2 or 3 times. It is the best wheelchair cushion we have ever used. That's based on 60 years of wheel chairing."

Dr Peter Green - "From the moment I started to use the cushion; on wheelchair, scooter and reclining chair, it became quite apparent that this cushion did "everything it said on the tin". I notice a massive feeling of comfort as opposed to a "normal" much thicker gel cushion, and particularly whilst using the electric wheelchair for long periods. That regular feeling, in the past, of possible Pressure Sore development, which is the constant fear of every wheelchair user, from my perspective has been eliminated and is now in the past"

"I recommend most highly, this cushion to any wheelchair user to alleviate that constant fear of pressure sores and , have a lovely feeling of sitting on air!"

Lisa - Office Manager - "Thank you kindly for the cushion ... it's fantastic... I am the envy of all my colleagues!

Steff - Bus Driver with Arriva said this about the cushion: "I always expect to have a pain in my back at the end of a shift since I have used your cushion as a back rest as well as being so comfortable I dont have any back pain"

Dennis Watts - a lorry driver says "You are right about the level of comfort the cushion has though what I think is the most important feature is the fact that your bottom and thighs dont feel numb when you get out of the cab like we expect then to it must as you say help your circulation"

GrannyD - "A very good cushion. It seemed thinner than I expected, but is very comfortable. As it does move, I have put a square of non-slip fabric under which helps"

Lynn F. - "Excellent product. Purchased for Mum, who is chairbound, following a very dense stroke. The cushion is fairly thin but surprisingly supportive. Took a couple of days for Mum to get used to it, but she now loves it." 

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