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MT230 - Microclimat TM Mattress Topper

  • For superior sleep comfort and support
  • Helps distribute pressure effectively and provides comfort all day long
  • Is hypoallergenic to relieve users of allergies
  • Keeps you cool in summer and comfortable all year long
  • Is made from 3XD tm Spacer 100% Polyester, soft to touch, and sized at 195 cm by 88 cm and 2.5 cm thick or 195 cm by 122 cm and 2.5 cm thick.
  • Has elastic straps to fit round single bed mattresses
  • Is machine washable at 40ºC.
  • Our patented microclimate design dissipates any perspirationAirospring TM mattress toppers are made from 3XD fabric technology which allows for high airflow keeping you comfortable and cool. It is the next generation of bedding materials to take over from memory foam and performs better.
  •  That means a cooler night’s sleep for camping, caravans, motorhomes, boats trucks. The toppers can be packed down and taken on holiday and of course used in the home.

    Developed as a medical product Airospring technology works well for those with back, muscle and joint pain.

Airospring cushions are the sustainable option for the future. The vast majority of cushions are made from PU foam which ends up in landfill. Our cushions are made from 3XD Spacer fabric - 100% Polyester which can be recycled again and again. 


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    Enjoy a better night's sleep with this fabulous mattress topper from Airospring

    Washing instructions

    • Simply wash at 40oC
    • Iron at low temperature
    • Avoid use of bleach
    • Avoid tumble drying